New York City

Gem Tale

My Name is Mirotchy Gaston. I am a 24 Year Old Entrepreneur

Who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in the city, I have always been interested in the fashion trends that seemed to manifest overnight and appeal to the masses. Let me take you guys back to the year 2007. I was a freshman getting my feet wet by attending Bishop Loughlin High School. I had openness to all the different styles that the city had to offer.


My role models were people in the music and entertainment industry such as Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Cam’ron, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z. After watching the way that they expressed themselves not only through their music but also through their appearance, I became more focused on finding my signature style and learning about intricacies of fashion.


Some of my role models that I mentioned were notorious for wearing Rolex watches not only as a fashion statement but a declaration of success. This influenced my desire to get a Rolex or watches with a “Big Face” just like my ideals. Even the students in my age group were following the trend by wearing G-shock watches to school. At the time, these watches were wildly expensive so I couldn’t afford one. Despite this, I still felt the urge to wear something distinct and eye catching on my wrist that expressed my own sense of creativity. In order to do this, I started collecting various bracelets from kiosks in places like Atlantic Terminal Mall, Kings Plaza Mall, and several boutiques throughout Flatbush Avenue. I started wearing five bracelets at once that depicted not only my sense of style but also my emotional state through vivid colors and shades of transparency.


Fast forward to 2015, My Friend and Business partner Brittny Willis found time to collaborate on our similar passion for creating fashionable accessories. We started creating handmade bracelets out of different types of beads and assorted accessories that emitted a sense of spirituality and uniqueness in their visage.

Fifth Element Gems inspires a sense of uniqueness and creativity through our desire for our gems to provoke deeper connection and empowerment to the world. After some preliminary research, we came across several online articles that discusses the very concept of "the fifth element". The five elements: fire, water, earth, mineral, and nature are all aspects that we incorporate when designing our bracelets. We were also interested in the cosmic and symbolic significance of each element.


Fire, being the first element on the cosmological wheel, is very similar to the purest form of energy. It is the rising force that contributes to what we do, see, feel or experience. Fire has great power, both within each of us as well as outside of us in our surroundings. It also provides an opportunity to reiterate our commitment to walking our spiritual path.


Water is the second element on the cosmological wheel which typically, as people, we are attracted to. Large bodies of water gives us a feeling of serenity while also providing a sense of cleansing, reconciliation, purification, and peacemaking. It is common to associate water with the ability to open our psyches to healing and living as peaceful beings.


Earth is our home... it’s where we belong. Earth is the third element on the cosmological wheel, often symbolized as the mother inviting us to come home and feel grounded. As living creatures, we are all connected to the earth that provides us with the food and drink needed for strength. Mother Earth grants us with a sense of belonging through her abundance of nourishing and restorative life.


Mineral is the fourth cosmological element that speaks upon our bones. Minerals helps us recollect traces of who we are and why we are here. Minerals awaken our sense of awareness and purpose that we have towards fulfillment in our lifetime.


Lastly, Nature is considered the final and fifth cosmological element on the cosmological wheel. As human beings, we are unaware of our connection with nature more often than not, especially towards plants and animals. We should feel a sense of harmony with nature in habitation. Nature asks us to open our minds to transformation. It represents the element of constant change with the purpose to  reveal, heal, and reinstate our innermost sense of being.


To signify the alignment of all the elements together in a state of harmony and mutual respect, we use an elastic string to hold the beads together in our bracelets. The fifth Element exists as a manifestation of creation and vibrational frequencies depicted through the elasticity of our string. We incorporated angel wings on some of our gems to portray the concept of omnipresent protection from evil as well as the unlimited creative power of God. As people we have to overcome many obstacles in life that shape who we are as we present our motto

"Find The Gem inside you"